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Category: Customer Stories

April 10, 2017

Welcome to the DogWatch of the Shenandoah Valley Blog!

Welcome to our new blog! We look forward to bringing you posts with helpful information about our hidden dog fences, our indoor pet fences and our dog training products. We’ll also share stories about some of our wonderful DogWatch of the Shenandoah Valley customers and their pets, local pet-themed events in our community and other items of interest.

As we say at DogWatch, “It’s all about your dog.®” (And your cats, too!)

I thought it would be appropriate in this first installment to share a little about me and how I became a DogWatch dealer.
I  have loved animals all my life. I would drag home all kinds of critters from crawdads to snakes to hurt squirrels and my Mother tolerated most of them. She liked my aquariums that grew, from one to ten, as my allowance, birthdays, and Christmas presents would allow. The one pet she refused was a dog.  like most kids, I always wanted a dog and I’ll share how I finally got my first pup after this introduction. I always figured I’d grow up and be a Vet. or a Zoo Keeper or some other animal lover’s job. As luck would have it, I ended up owning a full line pet-shop called the Animal House. The Animal House specialized in rare and unusual tropical and marine fishes. We had the largest selection of any store in Virginia. The Animal House also sold supplies and I was always looking for new and different products.
I started selling a radio pet fence and discovered it didn’t work very well. I started getting customer complaints and refunds followed. Not a good thing for a retailer! I decided to stop carrying the product. As luck would have it, in this time before internet, I spied an add in a trade magazine that said, ‘ IF YOU ARE SELLING A RADIO PET FENCE AND TIRED OF COMPLAINTS CALL US. WE HAVE A BETTER PRODUCT! DogWatch  I called; became a dealer and the rest, as they say, is History. DogWatch more than lived up to it’s promise of being a better product! Customers loved it and now 23 years later, many of my customers say DogWatch is the best thing they have ever purchased. Not surprising, the way people love their dogs and how well DogWatch looks out for them. That’s how I became a DogWatch Dealer. How I got my first dog is a better story. I’m sure many of you will identify with it.